RM Education event material

RM host a bi-annual Seminars event in various locations throughout the UK. As creative lead on this, I was tasked with developing the existing Seminars look into a recognisable brand and applying this to everything from the event brochure and leaflets, to t-shirts, banners, and web material. I wanted to visually develop the concept of people coming together, and achieved this through the attractive brightly coloured shards entwined with images from the previous event, using this imagery throughout.

CLIENT RM Education
AGENCY RM Education, inhouse
RM Seminars event brightly coloured event brochure
Unfolded square four page information leaflet with RM Seminars on front and colourful graphic with collage of people
Three roll up banners with colourful background graphics saying 'Register here', 'Let's Talk' and 'Hellow and Welcome' all with RM Seminars logo.
white tshirt front view with colourful graphic of map of UK and RM Education logo
white tshirt back view with colourful graphics of 3d like triangles
white tshirt side view with colourful graphic of map of UK
Large itab with colourful interactive graphic of UK showing areas of business
tablet with twitter home page showing RM Seminars banner and words Join Us